Romain Olmos

HxR Components is a young French brand.

After more than 15 years working in the mountain biking industry as pro athlete, tester, workshop manager and owner of an online webshop, Romain Olmos is now developing his own range of high-end components.

His products are innovative (he won an award based on innovation with Rhone Alpes region and with OSV Association, in France), especially the EASY SHIFT CRANKSET All the HxR Components references are thought, engineered, designed and tested in France.

The production is based in Europe and Asia in the best factories, specially selected by HxR, in order to deliver high quality, long lasting, efficient and reliable products.

In order to test all the accessories we are working in collaboration with an Italian brand: MDE Bikes. The Frames are hand manufactured in Torino and therefore you can find these bikes on our website as we are the French importer.

owned and managed by Olmos Romain.